Rocky Pointe Marina – Boatyard Rates (2-1-2018)

The Boatyard at Rocky Pointe
The following are some of our basic rates. Costs may vary by job. We will provide an estimate once we inspect the boat. In most all cases you will find that our services cost less than other boatyards. We provide professional service and stand behind the work we do. Over 100 years combined experience in boating & boat repair. ABYC Certified.

Bottom Paint
$25ft     1 Coat Paint  –  plus  paint
$30ft     2 Coats Paint  – plus paint

Per foot rate includes round trip lift to and from water or trailer, blocking, pressure wash, standard preparation hand scuff and application of paint.

Paint cost is extra and sold 10% above our wholesale cost based on quantity used.  We stock both modified epoxy (hard) and ablative (soft) paints.

Potential Additional Costs

  • Additional sanding or preparation
  • Repairs
  • Boats 45’ and over add $250
  • New or unpainted boat bottoms require additional preparation and quoted per job
  • Other work required beyond  reason (ie boat with excessive bottom growth)

Environmental fee  $3 ft includes ground tarp, paint chip and dust collection and disposal

New or unpainted boats additional charge

  • Bootstripes starting at $30ft
  • Unpainted boats, prep time estimated case by case

Travelift/ Haul Out
Round Trip to yard or one way to or from trailer – $11.50ft ($200 min)
Insurance Survey Hauls, includes 1 hr hang time$9ft
Survey for boat sale/purchase, inc 1 hr hang time   $250 flat rate to 42′ feet
Trailer fitting, includes Travelift , operator and helper – $125hr
Forklift no extra cost above hourly shop rate
Pressure Wash, not included in above rates – $3ft
Blocking on stands – $100 (40′ and over $150)

Yard Labor Rate $100hr
Electrical & Mechanical $110hr
Mobile Labor $125hr with cc number upfront

Mast Stepping
Call for Rates

Blister Repairs
Individual blister repair, including grinding, filling and fairing – $50 each
Peel bottom and provide new barrier coat – Starting at $375ft
Peel bottom, barrier coat and add layer of glass matte – Starting at $475ft
Hot Vac Hull and Deck Drying – $100 day – for machine use, labor extra

Environmental Fees
Ground Cover Plastic – $3.00ft
Tarp off underside of boat for aggressive sanding or grinding – $5.00ft

Other Rates

  • Outside Contractor Fee, no charge, must be insured and approved by boatyard in advance.
  • Outside contractors only allowed for work our yard does not provide.
  • Emergency Lift or work after hours or weekends – Add $200.
  • Emergency Labor $125hr
  • Lay Days, no lay day charges for boats being worked on by our yard. $100 per day if no work being done.
  • Mast lay days small $5day large $10day, no charge if we are painting mast.
  • Electricity no charge except if heated during winter. $5day. Not responsible for refrigerators.

These are basic rates. We do all services. Contact us for an estimate


email: dave@rpmarina.com
web: www.rpmarina.com

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