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Boat Surveyors

Whether buying or selling a boat, it is always a good idea to have a professional surveyor inspect your boat before you purchase. Most likely your insurance company is going to require that a survey be done. Some surveys can be done just in the water, but most require an out of the water survey to inspect the condition of the hull, thru hulls, shafts, and propellers. We provide the facility for the boat to be hauled out of the water for inspection. You must select your own surveyor. Below are some of the surveyors we are most accustomed to working with and all members of SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors) and ABYC(American Boat and Yacht Council). The surveyors typically charge $15 per foot. Please check rate sheet for survey haul out rates. We waive our charges if the boat stays in the yard for work and bottom paint.

A. Mazon & Associates
Alison Mazon
503-286-4252 office
503-358-6983 cell

Pat Devlin (A. Mazon Associate)

Larry Goodson

Blue Heron Surveying
Richard Murray

Please see SAMS website for an updated listed

Boat Transportation

In 2006, Rocky Pointe sold off  “Affordable Boat Transport”. We do continue to load , off load and commission/decommission boats for transport at out boatyard. Please check rate sheet for load to truck/trailer pricing. The following are professional boat transport companies that we work with on a regular basis. These are the only 3 companies that will come down our hill.

Norgard Boat Transport  Scappoose/Portland, over 35 years local experience
Local/ Pacific Northwest,they also have a do it yourself boatyard.

DRFT Boat Hauling – West Coast

Associated Boat Transport – National

Please keep in mind that boats are restricted in size over the road to a maximin of 16’ in height, which includes the 6” clearance off the pavement. Rates start at about $6 per mile, plus pilot cars fees. A trip from Portland to Olympia starts at around $1800.

Oregon State Marine Board

For boat registration and title information
Boater Education Card
Safety and Rules


There are many reasons for dive services from retrieval of lost items, lines caught in your propeller, to dive inspection surveys of floating homes and flotation installation. Here are a few that we work with on a regular basis.

John Glenn
503-366-4430 office
503-803-1459 cell

2 Deep Diving

Tim Clackum

Richie Rich

Harbor Services

Marine Services

HotVac Hull Cure

Check out more information and details about drying out wet hulls and decks

Tow Services

Having towing insurance for your boat is much like having it for your car- Do not leave home without it!

Columbia River Marine Assistance 24/7

Building Codes for Floating Structures

It has not been until very recently that there have been building codes for floating structures. All structures brought into Rocky Pointe Marina, built at Rocky Pointe Marina or remodeled at Rocky Pointe Marina must meet the standards of the City of Portland standards outlined in Title 28, Floating Structures.
More Info

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