Environmentally Friendly Bottom Prep

Environmentally Friendly Bottom Prep

All boats are carefully lifted out of the water by our experienced operators. Inspections of our Travelift and straps are made daily to ensure safe haul out of your boat. Prior to lifting the boat, the staff determines the proper location to place the straps to avoid your running gear or transducers and to make sure the boat is balance and lifting straps are under bulkheads when possible.

Once lifted, your boat is pressured washed at high pressure and scrubbed using a wet sanding technique. This process meets the requirements of the manufacturers of the bottom paints. This action avoids the need for further sanding and dust creation in most cases. Some boats do require more preparation, especially if bottom paint is over 3 years old.

All the water used in washing your boat is recycled water that has gone through 3 sump separators and then goes through our water treatment system. It is a completely closed system. The solids collected in the sumps are removed and properly disposed of.

Once in the yard, brand new plastic is used for ground protection. When the job is done the plastic is rolled up tightly and disposed of so that any dust or debris from your boat is gone. When sanding or grinding needs to be done in the yard, we put a skirt of brand-new plastic from above the waterline of the boat, going down to the ground to contain environmental contaminants. Additionally, our staff uses several types of dust containment tools while sanding or grinding to collect contaminants and stop potential exposure to the environment.

As seen in the photographs, we use more than required boat stands to safely support your boat. You will notice that we use chains to connect the stands opposing each other so that the stands will not slide out.

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